How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Can I pay advance to seller?

We would strongly recommend not to pay in advance. If you must pay something to have the seller hold the product for you, ensure it is a small & insignificant amount.

Advance payment is the most common technique adopted by fraud sellers to trick buyers and pursue them to make upfront payments for goods, services, etc.

Advance payment frauds – What you must watch for!     

  • Too good to be true and irresistible offers
  • Token money demands without meeting in person/physically checking the product
  • Posing as people from trustworthy & noble professions like Army Personnel, CISF, BSF, Doctors, NGOs, Public services, etc.
  • Showcase of absolute urgency to sell the item or an emotional appealg. family member is sick and urgent need of money for operation, payment of school fees, etc. 
  • Job guarantee offers and employment schemes requesting an advance fee to secure the job or obtain the materials to perform the job or involving money transfer.
  • Advance fees to cover any processing charges, pay duty, taxes, courier fees, shipment and conversion charges, etc. 

Note: We have put in “safety tips” before you start chatting with OLX users to advise you on concluding a safe deal 


Safety Tips: 

You can also read the safety tips while chatting with the user. Follow the below steps: 

  • On the Ad page, select the ‘Chat’ option.


  • Once the chat window opens, tap on the “3 dots” on the top right.


  • A smart window will display on upper right. Tap on ‘Safety Tips’ button and tips will be displayed.