How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How can I find Ads that I have seen before?

Seen something interesting? If you’re busy you can get back to it, at your convenience.  

You can mark an Ad as favourite & view it later. Here are the steps to do so:  

Mark Ad as favourite

  • To right of Ads, appears an ‘heart’ icon.


  • Tap on the heart icon as highlighted below
  • The ‘heart icon’ will get bold


That’s it! The selected Ads are saved now. Once, the Ads are saved you can access it; simply follow below steps. 

View the favourite Ad

  • Tap on ‘My Ads’ at bottom of App
  • Once on ‘My Ads’ section, select ‘favourites’ appearing under it.


  • Finally, the list of saved Ads will appear that have been marked as favourite.
  • Tap on the desired Ad and proceed with your transaction.