How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Payment Link Scams - UPI FAQ's

As a seller, you should be extra careful while receiving any payment through bank-affiliated wallets. Instead of receiving the payment, you might, unfortunately, give away your money.     


Please remember:

  • If you receive a SMS requesting you to send money, DO NOT proceed
  • If buyer insists you to fill PIN no, stop interacting with the buyer
  • Do not EVER enter your PIN                    


  1. Do not enter PIN: If you receive any request to enter PIN no, it is a scam. Receiving money requires no PIN



  1. Payment SMS: If you receive a message stating money will be deducted or debited, BEWARE! You should always receive a message stating money will be credited if you are expecting payment.


  1. Watch out for words like Send, Requested by, Pay, etc. They all indicate that money is about to be debited from your account.