How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What's new in OLX

Welcome to the New OLX



A New & Refreshed Look To Enhance Your Buying & Selling Experience

The new version includes significant improvements to current OLX systems & some new features to improve the overall user experience. Continue to discover amazing deals around you from registered users in a fun, simple & safe way!

A completely new and updated look and feel, including a new OLX brand

New visual brand identity has been rolled out across all the platforms which exhibits our philosophy towards life. The circle or the "O" in the logo speaks the good choices that you make in your life & on OLX from millions of items available every day. The cross sign "X" says about eliminating the unused items that we have in our life by selling it on OLX. The straight line in the middle is the message to all OLX audience that the way towards success is through an upgrade.

Near you

We realize that buying and selling is easy when it happens nearby. Our App shows you cool items that are up for sale at great prices around you. Hop across to pick them up from your neighborhood.

All users 100% registered

We ensure that nobody is anonymous on OLX. You find only registered users. Get to know them by browsing their profile & common friends. No SPAM calls, people can only contact you via chat and you decide whether you want to share your number with them. Use shortcuts to make your chatting experience effortless.

Everything Sells

Everything sells on OLX - anything from cars, two-wheelers, mobiles, furniture, baby products, books, fashion, sports, electronics, musical instruments, toys, …phew…the list can go on.

Why have we changed?

OLX empowers you to make smart choices for yourself, your wallet and the world. We’ve gone beyond online classifieds. We’re the smart way for finding, buying and selling just about anything — a cool car, that perfect job, awesome sneakers, your dream house.
We’ve been working hard to focus our platform more on you and your local communities, and our new look is just one exciting part of our new approach.
It’s bolder, simpler and smarter.

Our New Logo

Our new logo celebrates smart choices and exciting possibilities. It always flexes and moves between two options, showing all the great stuff OLX can do for you.

Our Visual Language

Our new visual language is energetic, confident and brings the idea of choices to life. We’re colorful, inviting, and fun — making sure we keep the same playful spirit we’ve always had. Our typography is expressive and punchy, while our photography champions people making smart choices on OLX every day.