How can we help you?

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How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

How to post an Ad?

Post an ad in 30 seconds in just 3 simple steps. 

Step 1 - Upload a photo 

Just click on the Sell button at the center-bottom of the main page, as shown below.

Upload photos by either taking instant photos or choosing from your gallery.            

Note: Photos are mandatory for posting an ad on OLX.
To know how to add photos to your ad, click here.            

Step 2 - Set a right price  

Set an appropriate price for the product you are selling.

Step 3 - Submit the Ad

Select the right category and tap 'Post Your Ad'.


Your Ad will be active shortly basis the terms of use.

For select categories, buyers need a few more details. Click on each category for more info: