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How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

My Ad was discarded

An Ad gets discarded due to one of these reasons:

  1. Photos are unclear, hazy or objectionable
  2. Title or description is inappropriate
  3. Price set is too high or too low
  4. Use of prohibited content
  5. Posting a duplicate Ad
  • Photos: If the photo uploaded is irrelevant, low quality or obscene.
  • Title/Description: If the Ad contains incomplete or unclear description. It also happens if the title or description contains undesirable information, such as phone number or external links.
  • Price: If the price quoted does not correspond to the item or its current value.
  • Prohibited:  If the Ad contains any forbidden content, item or service which is not allowed as per rules.
  • Duplicate: If the Ad is posted more than once or is similar to an existing Ad posted in last 30 days.

Note: Have a look at our posting guidelines and try again.

Furthermore, your Ad might not get active due to one of these reasons:

  • Free Ad limit: If you have reached the limit for free Ads in a specific category and region. To know more, click here.
  • Phone number not verified: If the number associated with the Ad has not been verified via OTP.