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How can we help you?

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Boost Features and FAQs

1. What is Boost To Top?

Boost to top is a one-time, immediate use Ad upgrade that takes your Ad on the top in your category, just like a new Ad. Your Ad gradually moves down as new Ads are posted in the category.

2. Why should I opt for Boost to top upgrade?

Boost to top is an economical way of increasing responses and chances of selling, and provides you with the flexibility of doing it at the time that suits your schedule the best

3. How can I avail this service?


Go to My Ads > Active Ads, and click on the Ad(s) you want to Boost to top. Click here to know more.


Go to My Account > My Ads > Active Ads. You will see the ‘Boost to top’ button next to each Ad. Click here to know more.

4. What are the modes of payment?

Only online payment available currently through:

  1. Credit card, debit card, net banking or 
  2. OLX Credits

5. Can I cancel the upgrade, once I have made the payment?

No, the upgrade cannot be cancelled since it is used immediately after payment.
However, you can delete the Ad if you wish to.

6. Once I choose this upgrade, how long does the Ad stay on the top? 

The Boost to top upgrade gives a one-time push to your Ad thereby instantly taking it to the top position. Your Ad gradually moves down as new Ads are posted in the category. 

7. How many times can I avail this upgrade? 

There is no limit to the number of times you can avail this upgrade, as long as the Ad is active. 

8. Does my Ad duration extend by availing this service? 

The Ad validity (30 days) remains unchanged and doesn't extend by using this upgrade. 

9. Do you have Boost to top upgrade available across all categories?           

Yes, this service is available for all categories on OLX.

10. Can I avail this upgrade for multiple Ads?

Of-course, you can use this upgrade to boost as many Ads you wish to!
My Ads provides easy navigation to use this on multiple Ads.

11. Can I get a refund for the Boost to Top feature?

The payment made for this service is is non-refundable, if the pertinent Ad doesn't meet our posting guidelines. Additionally, no refund is possible if the account is blocked due to breach of our rules.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee an exact increase in responses but using Boost to top upgrade helps your Ad get more visibility which should naturally leads to more responses.