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How can we help you?

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Free Limits FAQs

  1. What is Free Limit?

Free Limit defines how many Ads you can post for Free on OLX in 30/60 days (differs by category) across India. This means that you can only post an Ad today if in the last 30/60 days you did not cross your Free Limit (unless you pay for it).

  1. Why do Free Limits exist?

Free Limits are incorporated to benefit both sellers and buyers. 
Without limits, some users flood our platform with countless Ads including duplicates. 
This creates clutter which spoils buyer experience, and in turn hampers a genuine, committed seller’s chances of selling

  1. If I delete my current Ad, can I post another Ad for free?

No. Free Limits and Paid Ads are both on the basis of Ad ‘posted’ and not ‘active’ Ads. 
This means if you ‘posted’ 3 Ads in last 30/60 days and the limit is 3, you cannot further post for free ads regardless of these Ads being live or deleted by you. In case you have deleted a pending ad, the free limit will be further delayed by 30/60 days from the date of deletion.

To post for free, you will have to wait for these Ads to complete their validity period (30/60 days from posting date).

Similarly, deleting a Paid Ad does not mean you can use another Ad in its place. Once your Paid Ad goes active, one unit from your Paid Ad Package is used up.

  1. How can I purchase Paid Ads after crossing the Free Limit?

You will be notified when you try to post an Ad after your Free Limits are over.
This takes you directly to buy Single Paid Ads or Packages of Paid Ads.  We recommend buying Packages for bulk discount.

You can also go to “Pending Ads” in “My Ads” to activate by making payment.                                 

  1. What are the modes of payment?

Currently, only online payment modes are available

  • Credit card, debit card, net banking or
  • OLX Credits
  1. How long will my Ad stay live?

Your Ad will stay live for 30 days from posting, regardless of when you post it within the validity period of your Paid Ad Package.

It means package for unlimited ads offer unlimited ads within a period of 30 days from the day package is bought. Once the package expires all the corresponding ads will also expire irrespective of their tenure.

  1. Can I cancel after making the payment?

No, Paid Ads are non-refundable. You can use these till 30 days after which they expire.

     8. I made payment to post the ad but it is rejected by OLX.

If your ad has been rejected due to any policy violation and didn't get posted, there will be a message sent to you stating that the refund will be done in 10 business days (Bank holidays, Gazetted Holidays and weekends are excluded from business days).

     9. Can I buy multiple packages?

Yes, you can buy multiple packages. E.g. if you want to post 45 Ads in 30 days, you can buy 3 packages of 15. However, these cannot be bought simultaneously – you can buy the second package only after using up the first, and so on.

All the packages are valid for a tenure of 30 calendar days. 

You can choose from the 3 packages: (* prices are only indicative) 

a.) Basic: which provides 3 Ads

b.) Advanced: which provides 6 Ads

c.) Professional: which provides 15 Ads 

d.) Unlimited: which provides unlimited Ads (All ads expire as soon as the package period is over)


    10. How is paid Ad available across different categories?

The purchased paid Ads for a specific category can be used across different regions within India.

   11. How can I track the Paid limits/Packages that I have purchased?

Any purchase for Ad limits/packages appears in your account under the "Orders" tab. See below:


Note: Some categories may not have any free limit and you will have to pay for posting an Ad. This is subject to change.

Also, free limit Paid Ad or Paid package will be considered valid only for a unique product offer.

The Ad cannot be edited to post a different product subsequently. Doing so will lead to immediate cessation of the free limit for that Ad and no refund will be provided.

Further, the validity of a Free Limit is duration specific. Ex: A limit package purchased on 1st August, 10 AM can only be utilized by 31th August, 10 AM and won't be valid beyond this time. 

If the account is banned due to policy violation, any available credits are forfeited.