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How can we help you?

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OLX App - Location Selection

To use OLX, selecting location is essential. Location permission is required so as to quickly sync your OLX App favourably on our platform. Picking a location

  • helps you easily discover ads from locations near you
  • lets your ad(s) get discovered by buyers near you


Location selection can be done either automatically or manually.

  1. Automatic: OLX can automatically detect the location for your app. You are required to turn the location services ‘On’ for auto-detection.
  2. Manual: You can manually select your location.

Manual Location Selection

Step 1 (a) - Type the location manually (Ex: Gurgaon). If you manually type a location, related results will populate (Ex: Selecting DLF will give matching location results to choose from).

Note: You are required to type minimum two characters of area, locality or city for location suggestions.

Automatic Location Detection

Step 1 (b) - If you choose the automatic option, relevant results will auto-populate. 

Once you select your location, manually or automatically, your location will be displayed here.

Change Location: 

A selected location can also be modified using filters. It allows you to search in a specific location that you wish to.

           1. At the top, under "All Categories" click the location drop-down

           2. Tap on "edit" icon at top right 

           3. Enter the desired locality as mentioned in "Step 1 (a)"