How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Security Tips - Vehicles


At OLX, we love to help our users make that "Perfect Buy" for themselves.

To benefit our users, we have certain tips that can be kept in mind while looking to buy a vehicle:

  1. Asking right questions:

Sounds basic? However, it’s important to find certain details, i.e. purchase yearnumber of owners, owner’s details, vehicle body type, or even reason for selling, to ascertain if you should buy the vehicle in the first place. Double check any cheap bargains!

Check the latest car news to see if a new model is coming -- which can reduce the price of previous models when it arrives.

  1. Car Inspection:

Conduct important checks to ensure that the car is in good shape: 

  • Inspect for dents, breakage, scratches, if any.
  • Look out for all corners, to find any signs of an accident. 
  • Question for any difference in the shade of color on different body parts.
  • Examine the bonnet & boot to ensure things intact such as toolkit etc.
  • Survey inside the vehicle to test steering wheel, pedals, interiors and other features.

If you're unsure, specific tests such as Multi-Point Check, Technical Inspection or Safety Check can be performed by the help of an expert.



You may request for a test drive (strictly at seller's discretion) to test the brakes, shock absorbers, tyre condition etc. It's highly advisable to inspect during daytime!

  1. Car’s history:

Always check the history of the car to ensure it’s not stolen, or has an outstanding loan etc. Get the car’s Registration Copy and other important documents verified. (Like they say: a stitch in time saves nine).

Did you know that people interested in buying vehicles (or hiring drivers) have an option to verify details via govt. initiated service

The road transport ministry has developed an SMS & website service through which one can know the following details about vehicles and drivers.

For more information click here

Please note: This service is not facilitated by OLX and bears no responsibility for the results given via this service.

  1. Documentation:

Ensure proper formalities are done post the purchase of the vehicle. Remember to get the Registration Certificate (RC) transferred in your name. Look out for PUC (Pollution under control certificate), Prior servicing papers, Insurance papers, and NOC (No Objection Certificate) if required.

Apart from the above tips, few other aspects you that you can look into:

Car Clocking:

Simple stating, it is winding back the odometer of a car to make it look less used & fetch a higher resale value. If you suspect this:

  • Check the car’s documented history and have it looked at by a competent mechanic to be on the safe side.
  • Reputable garages also provide you with the mileage when they service the car.
  • You can conduct checks like tyre wear to try and estimate the mileage.

Car Cloning:

In rare cases, a car can be given the identity of another by replacing the number plates with those from an almost identical vehicle - same make, model and colour. It is always advisable to do proper verification before buying any vehicle.


What this means is that the remains of two or more cars, usually been accident–damaged are welded together, and given the identity of one of the wrecks.

Few elementary things that you can do are: 

  • Take a sideways view of the car.
  • Is the reflection in the bodywork wavy?
  • Does the paint have a cloudy-looking finish? Then it’s possible that it’s a re-spray.