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How can we help you?

Dear OLX Users, Our site is undergoing an upgrade and might be a delay in time to publish your ad(s). Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

My Ads

App Users can access their Ads by tapping on "My Ads" at bottom right.

This gives access to Ads categorized as following:-

  1. Selling
  2. Sold
  3. Favorites                                                                                                                                                                         
  1. Selling: All the items that are currently selling can be viewed here. It consists of:
  • Ads that are currently active
  • Ads that will be active shortly
  • Ads that require an action to be made active.

  1. Sold: All the items that are not selling any longer can be viewed here. It consists of:
  • Ads Marked as Sold
  • Ads that have expired after a stipulated time.

  1. Favourites: Ads marked as favourites can be viewed here. Just tap on the heart icon to favourite it and save the ad for revisiting later.