How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Safe transactions


Follow the mentioned tips to keep your item and your money safe:


Meet the seller in person and transfer cash only if you have secured the item. As a seller, ensure that you have secured your payment and safely exchanged your item.

Do not transfer money in advance!

Unless verified by your own bank directly, don't trust any SMS or email about any money transferred to your account. Someone's claim to have paid extra money by mistake and asking to return/reverse is suspicious in nature and should be avoided in all instances.


Meet in a public place (such as shopping mall or a known locality) and possibly during the daytime. OLX is unaware of the person you are meeting with, so be careful and if possible bring along a friend/ acquaintance with you.

Avoid traveling to a different location from the initial agreed upon location. Insist on showcasing the product in public area to avoid any sort of risk or threat.

Any request to ship goods out of India without getting the full consideration is very risky and needs to be avoided.


During the meeting, carefully verify the item to your satisfaction. Make sure it corresponds with the Ad offer.

Watch the video below for more such tips – 

Personal Information

Share only the necessary and relevant information to make an appointment. Do not reveal personal or any important details to others.

Please don't share your OTP with anyone as sharing your OTP can lead to fraudulent activity from your account.


Someone claiming to be in rush or showing urgency needs extra vigilance. Always take your own time to verify the product to your satisfaction before paying any consideration. 


We recommend all communication and correspondence to the user through OLX. Do not write to them using private emails, WhatsApp or other means. Tracking someone through OLX channel may still be feasible in case of any issue, unlike other channels.

Attention! OLX does not provide any mechanisms for payments and transfers. OLX does not protect payments made by users. 

It is advisable to avoid risk-prone Mewat Region (Nuh & other Tehsils) and Bharatpur while transacting on OLX. We recommend you to proactively contact Cyber cell Nuh: 905011586, Cyber cell Palwal: 9813245452 and Bharatpur Police Station: 9530410691, 9530410719, 9414989105 to avoid any inconvenience. 

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