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All about us

OLX is the world's leading classifieds platform which provides local communities in high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces: OLX connects local people to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing through their mobile phone or on the web.

Every month, hundreds of millions of people in local markets around the world are already using OLX's online marketplace to find and sell a wide range of products, including computers, cell phones, furniture, sporting goods, services, used cars, properties, and many more.

OLX purpose

At OLX, we believe in making the world a better place: OLX improves people's lives by bringing them together for win-win exchanges. Sellers can easily earn some extra cash by simply posting items that are no longer of using them - thus, giving buyers the opportunity to find great value items at affordable price deals.


Our history

OLX facts and figures


countries worldwide




billion monthly visits


billion monthly page views


million monthly listings


countries is the #1 shopping app


App rating at Google Play Store

*Google Play Store; shopping/lifestyle categories

Top Management

Martin Scheepbouwer

CEO Global


Robin Voogd

CEO Asia, Global Head of Strategy


Daan Sanders

CEO Middle East & Africa


Leonardo Rubinstein

CEO Latin America


Tim Hilpert

CEO Europe


Amarjit Singh Batra

CEO India


Lydia Paterson

CFO Global


Alec Oxenford

Co-Founder OLX


Olaf Zschiedrich

CTO Global


Martin Kroon

CPO Global


Ariel Lebowits

Global Head of M&A


Brad Porteus

Global Chief People Officer


Craig Allwright

Global General Counsel

OLX India
OLX is India's number one consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, and the country's largest marketplace for used cars and motorbikes, second-hand mobile phones, and pre-loved personal and household goods. OLX pioneered the concept of C2C classifieds in India, and already has 80% market share of the C2C online trade in the country, making it the clear market leader in the space. As the market leader in India, OLX has been at the forefront of building and expanding the online classifieds market in the country. The platform, which can be accessed on desktop, mobile-App, and mobile-web, offers a free, fast, and hyper-local way for Indians to sell and buy used goods and services. The OLX mobile App is consistently the top-rated online selling + buying App on all App stores. As pioneers of 'We-Commerce' in India, OLX brings sellers and buyers together for win-win exchanges. Selling and buying through OLX also makes the planet greener with OLX India transactions proven to have saved 3.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2015-16. Apart from being the market leader, OLX is also among the leading brands in the country. It does not have at least five times the brand awareness of all other players in its space, but also in a short span of time OLX has won several industry awards and accolades, including recognition by the prestigious Superbrands in 2016. The brand has also won two Effie Awards in 2015, and three Effie Awards in 2016, which recognize the most effective marketing campaigns.